Emcee Pro has really been a God-send for what I do. I really don’t have a “set program”, so it’s always been a challenge for my sound tech to locate the songs and get them cued up quickly. Using cd’s or mini-discs, there was always a delay. But with Emcee Pro, we’re able to jump from one song to another rather quickly and that’s given me greater flexibility and freedom in pulling together a spontaneous program that fits the needs of each audience. I highly recommend Emcee Pro!

Ann Downing
Dove Award Winner & Gospel Music Hall of Famer


Emcee Pro has provided us a great amount of flexibility that we haven’t had in the past. It has opened up doors for me to be able to provide Ann with the song she wants in a split second, thus allowing her to read each audience and avoid setting a formal program. What formerly was “cue-time” has been converted into music and ministry time. I also like using the encore feature which has allowed us to pull out the last chorus to do again without having to go back into the studio to create it. Emcee Pro is easy to use and will be a great asset to your program!

Laurie Winton, Manager




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