My wife and I, like many musical artists, have tried so many ways to make their sound tracks sound great and purchased quality sound equipment to provide the best sound through their sound systems. We've all spent thousands of dollars through the years trying to use the best recorder / playback systems to provide a live band sound in our concerts and to have the conveniences to change up song orders and reprogram to a different song if you felt led to change.

Can you remember the days, years ago, when we used to use those reel to reel recorders / players, commercial radio 8 track players, cassette players, cd players, mini disk players, and now ipods? You probably have invested in a new digital machine, which I've seen in stores that cost as much as $3000,00 or more.

My wife and I have been on the road for 33 years now and have tried and seen just about everything in sound re-enforcement and player / recording equipment, but I must tell you, the new software program,
Emcee Pro has made life so simple and so affordable in our ministry of music evangelism. We are not as young as we used to be and remembering all the words to the songs that we have recorded through the years have become a challenge. When I heard about the Emcee Pro software program and decided to purchase and try it, I said to myself after our first concert, "this is what we've been waiting for all these years"!

I really like the ease of operation and the opportunity to scroll through up to 2600 songs with the lyrics added on the screen, phrase by phrase, to give that extra confidence when so much is going on in your mind during a concert, you not only have the music, but a prompter to keep you on track. I like having the opportunity to be able to change up on a song or two and scroll up or down to a different song on my list without having to change a disk. My laptop is with me everywhere I go, so it's great and convenient for saving my CD masters and easy to back up all my data of tracks and lyrics. I like the freedom of a small remote control in my pocket that is hidden and starting and stopping tracks without turning my back away from the audience to adjust a tape or cd player.

I really don't know what I would do without my
Emcee Pro and my laptop computer. I have it all now when I'm in concert, It has become my sound tech, my prompter, my background music, (in quality cd wave or mp3 format) I can even have an encore, all in one software program, my complete library of music and lyrics, wherever I go right on my laptop, it's just Fantastic!!!  All this, for less than the cost of two nights in a nice motel room. It has become our most important piece of sound equipment, when we sing; we never leave home with it!!!! 
Because He lives,
Billy and Paula Speer



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