Blood Bought Trio - Jacob Crisp Ministries

Emcee Pro has been a true blessing to our ministry. My dad used to run our CD player for us, and sometimes it would be hard for me and him to get "in-sync" so the track would start rolling when we want it to. Now, thanks to Emcee Pro, I can start the track whenever we need it to! This program has SO many helpful features. My favorite is having the ability to set Encore points for any song. This comes in very handy, especially when the Spirit starts to move. If you feel lead to sing the chorus again, simply choose the point before the service, then press the key! It's just that simple! Another feature that comes in handy is the built-in timer. It will show you how much time has expired, how much you have left, and pretty much whatever you need!! A blessing if you are only alotted a certain amount of time. The best part of all is the ability to change songs as the Lord leads. If you have people at the altar, and the Spirit is really moving, it may not be the best time for your next song (which happens to be an up-tempo song). Instead, you may want to sing another slow one... But how are you going to convey to your soundman that you need a different track number without causing a "distraction"? The answer is Emcee Pro! Now, you simply select the song you want in lieu of the fast one, and click play! No distractions, no hassles, and, most importantly, no dampering of the Spirit in any way.

In conclusion, all I can say is... Thank you, Ted and Kathleen!! Your program has been, and will continue to be, a great blessing in our ministry!

God bless,
Humbly Serving,
Jacob Crisp with Blood Bought Trio




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