Dane Bailey - The Singing Auctioneer

I used to do HVAC work for 20 years and would say, "What did we do before duct tape?" Then we got silicone caulk and would say, "What did we do before silicone?" Well, I've been using Emcee Pro for over 2 years, it’s early beginning, and I can honestly say, "What did I do before Emcee Pro?"

I used CDs, and even though I got pretty good at it, it was slow and I sang many songs that I hadn't planned because I hit the wrong song. I was looking for something to help make my program flow, be more professional on stage, and the more importantly, to do it remotely. With almost 200 songs at my fingertips, I now have the flexibility I was looking for. Once I start a program, the freedom to move from song to song and not necessarily locked to a list is just beyond words. As I sing a song, I can choose the next song that really fits.

I just finished a 10 day festival that people would walk up and ask to hear a song and in seconds the music would be playing and I would be singing. Oh, and don't discount the word prompting. No more trying to remember the words to the song you haven't looked at for 6 months. With the prompt, you can not only pull an old song out, but it also helps to add new songs to your program before you have a total grasp of the words.

As a soloist with no else to lean on, I can't express the confidence this helps you to have on stage. If you're not using Emcee Pro now, you should be!!! It is user friendly and the tech support Ted gives is outstanding. I say, take your program to the highest level of professionalism and use Emcee Pro.

Singing Auctioneer
Dane Bailey


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