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Emcee Pro is very easy to use to because it's logically laid out.  You can quickly change songs, or change the entire program, just like that (snaps his fingers).  Unlike the minidisc player, where you can't see what your program is, you can easily see what's coming up next.  If we are running short on time, you can skip songs with just the click of the remote. You can title a file based on minutes, so you can have different programs for differing time requirements for each concert.  It's so nice to be able to pull up a ready-made program based on the time the promoter requires. 
It's also so terrific to just be able to pick up the phone to talk to Ted... he can just troubleshoot it quickly for us.  That technical service is one of the best things about
Emcee Pro.  You will not find that with other programs.  As a performer whose singing needs to be polished and professional, and as the sound man for our quartet... I love using this program!
Ben Johnson; age 13
Johnson Family Quartet



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