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Compared to an Instant replay machine?

I have used the 360 Systems quite a bit. You can purchase them for about $2,700 at several retail outlets, especially those who cater to broadcast clients. They are a fine device, but for a whole lot less money Emcee Pro will blow its doors off.

Emcee Pro is just a better platform for our use. For instance, if I have wav files of sound tracks I want to install, I must play them into the 360 Systems box and then re-edit the fronts and tails of every song. With EP I simply load them onto the hard drive of the laptop hosting Emcee Pro and call them into the program via menu. The head and tail is intact and requires no further work. If the tracks are on music form CD, I must still play them into the 360, and re-edit. On the Emcee Pro I simply "extract" them from the CD and again the head and tail remain intact. If I want to use a section of a song with the 360 as an encore piece, I must re-edit the song and place it in another buffer. With the Emcee Pro I simply hit the button "encore" where I want the cut to begin playing and now I can go back automatically to that song and therefore not take up more room on my hardrive. Then too, the space bar is easier to hit than one of 50 buttons. I can program a complete set including time between songs and those songs with intermittent pauses between them. I can readily make changes in my program as needed, 1/2 hour before concert if need be. Try that on a 360.

And last but certainly not least, I can remote every operation to a small handheld device for about $50 if needed. That feature does not exist on the 360 in any form.

Ben Harris
Southern Sound Quartet



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