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In the beginning, there was Microsoft...

Wait a minute... There were things happening before then! The influences which began forming Testify Software were found in the pre-DOS days of CP/M. From ‘toy’ computers (remember the Coleco ADAM?) through Commodore +4 and 64 to 386, 586 and on to Pentium level PC’s, there was a growing interest and fascination with technology and computers.

Y2K provided the entry into the professional level of the IT industry. (I was one that said it wasn’t going to be a catastrophe.) After spending time as a business analyst and ultimately a software developer, I took early retirement to begin building Testify Music and Testify Software.

Emcee Pro, the flagship program of Testify Software was born out of the need to manage my performances in my other life as a music minister.

In April 2003, my wife and I had an opportunity to visit “The Great Western Quartet Convention” in Sacramento, California. Aside from having a wonderful time, we paid close attention to the way different groups managed their performance tracks. We saw some using CD’s, some using mini-disks, and some using other equipment.

Of particular interest was a ‘white box’ used by some of the big boys. When it was time to start, someone would press a button and BINGO the music would start. We did a little question asking afterwards to see what this was and what it would do. With a little bit of planning, we decided that this would be the ideal ‘premiere project’ for Testify Software.

What you see in Emcee Pro is meant to use the performance functionality we saw (as a starting point), but add the benefits of a PC-based software application. Now with the newest release, Emcee Pro has become a strong contender for the role of industry standard.

Take a look at the resulting software and see what you think!


Ted Watson

Kathleen Watson


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